A Short glance on what is CIDB Green Card and its benefits

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On a short historical perspective, Malaysians (since the 1990s’) has ventured less in the construction sectors due to the nature of the job being consistent with the 3D (Dirty, Dangerous and Demeaning) stigma that it comes with and also due to the low wages paid by Companies. Since then, there has been higher and higher. In a statistical report by the Malaysian Social Security Organization (SOCSO), the fatality rate cases in the Malaysian construction industry was more than 3 times of other workplaces such as manufacturing, mining and quarrying with more than a bulk of unreported cases due to 80 percent of Malaysian workers are foreigners working without or expired work permits.

Since then, the government has legislated the Construction Industry Development Board Act 1994; or Act 520. and in turn started the CIDB body under the Malaysian Ministry of Works (Jabatan Kerja Raya Malaysia)

One of the main reasons the law was enacted was due to the lack of available domestic pool of construction workers in Malaysia which forced various firms and developers to outsource the employment to foreign workers. However, outsourcing foreign workers brings about another form of headache towards the employers whereby these workers are unskilled and require supervision to ensure that the work can be completed whilst complying to the minimal safety and construction industry requirements.

With the onset of CIDB enforcing various policies including the introduction of the “CIDB Construction Personnel Registration Card”, which is known famously as the CIDB Green Card. After the introduction of this policy, all construction workers / site supervisors or any individual entering the work site MUST be registered with the CIDB Malaysia and carry the Green Card.

With that said, the benefits of having employees who are registered with the CIDB Malaysia is somewhat like a safety net for Companies due to a few factors. The most important would be that personnels with the Green Card are recognized as a valid Construction Personnel by the CIDB Malaysia. Other than that,

Lastly, any Construction personnel with the Green Card are automatically covered by a special Insurance Scheme that insures the personnel against accidents or death for 24 hours (inclusive of non-working hours) and is valid across the world. This insurance is provided to the Green Card holder is holding a valid Green-Card during the time of the accident.

Knowing the importance of the having a Green Card is important for industries relating to Civil Engineering and Construction. To find out more, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by writing to our Company.

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