A short introduction to what is CIDB

SCORE cert

The Construction Industry Development Board (shortened as CIDB) is a regulatory agency under the Malaysian Ministry of Work (Jabatan Kerja Raya) formed by the Government of Malaysia based on the Construction Industry Development Board Act 1994 (Act 520). 

The main goal for the enactment of this Act is to guide, improve and propel the overall industry’s expansion whilst undertaking research on any matters relating to the industry which includes the following topics:

  • Standards of workmanship for construction-based work;
  • Standards and quality of Materials used in construction (Refer to the 4th Schedule of Act 540);
  • Aspects stemming from Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) in work-sites;
  • Provision, promotion and coordinating training for the construction industry
  • Registration and accreditation (i.e. revocation, suspension, reinstatement) of:
    • Contractors
    • Building Personnel (i.e. workers, site managers, Quality Surveyors etc..)
  • Management of complaints or reports in respect to construction work-based failures or completed projects which affects public safety
  • Provision of consultancy and advisory services with respect to the construction industry.
  • Ensure that best practices is followed by contractors and Managing Companies

With that said, any forms of activity from civil engineering to construction will be regulated by the CIDB. Moreover, with the authority to scrutinize all projects, the board has implemented various standards of operation which must be adhered to in which failure would result in fines or suspension of contractors or site licenses.

Since the formation, various programs and regulations have been enforced to minimize on-site accidents. Most of them have thus far been effective in drastically lowering the industry’s accident rate. The most promising of all programs would be the CIDB Green-Card program. 

The CIDB Green-Card program is introduced by CIDB Malaysia to provide basic knowledge (via. training) to ensure that construction workers are aware of the importance of a safe and healthy workplace and also what are the legal requirements in relation to the Green-Card. As an introductory program for all Construction workers working in construction sites, CIDB has noted that statistically, workers who have attended the course and are registered as Green-Card holders have a drastically lower rate of accidents and higher rate in complying with Safety & Health regulations set by CIDB, NIOSH and DOSH.

The “Contractor Capability and Capability Assessment Program (SCORE) developed by CIDB in collaboration with SME Corp. is another program which aims to provide a rating system on a Companies’ Business performance, Financial Capacity, Technical Acumen, Project and Procurement Management, Best Practices and Management Capability. This helps Companies who tender projects to identify the performance disparities between contractors and also to help contractors elevate their capabilities and capacities by acting as a advisor on how to increase the Companies’ SCORE rating.

Based on evidence submitted by Contracting and Project Management Companies, the ones who go to great lengths to ensure maximum compliance will be awarded by CIDB with the “Malaysian Construction Industry Excellence Award”, this also promotes long-term compliance by various Companies as it instills trust by the market during the tendering phase of projects.

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