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Our company that is driven by passion and trust. With decades of industry experience, functional expertise and commitment, we aim to drive sustainable revenue impact for you, our clients, while creating a competitive advantage through a customized approach that is tailored specifically to suit your needs. We are your solutions architect.

Our strength lies in the capability to bridge the space between strategic vision & business practices by deploying successful Go-To-Market strategies that perfectly fit your future goals and overall growth roadmap.

Serving clients at every level of their organization, in whatever capacity we can be most useful, whether as a trusted advisor to top management or as a hands-on coach and trainer for front line employees. We consider all our clients as partners.

Independent Validation & Verification (IVV)

Safeguard your investments. Make the right decision by having a hotel consultant to perform independent verification and validation of your projects. A hotel consultancy group who is on your side, protecting your interests and objectives, not the vendors.

Property Management System and Interfaces

Integration of your PMS and all other related systems are key to efficiencies and data collection for CRM marketing. A right hospitality consultant can make certain it is the right system that will make operations easier, not harder.

Financial Planning & Responsiveness

Conducting a financial audit, establishing a robust business model, facilitating contract negotiation, project management, and fiscal planning are all component of a strong sustainable business. Generating a hospitality-concept, feasibility and improvement strategy for hotels & restaurants can keep your business ahead of competition.

Customer Experience, Brand & Loyalty MGT

Create a brand experience that genuinely surprises and delight customers and sustain the effort by making steady improvements. A guest-centric end-to-end experience will attract and retain customers loyalty to your brand.

Service Improvements

Training is crucial for organizational development and success. With our experience, we can help customized and deliver the training needed and incorporate your SOP within it to ensure consistency and standards.

Property Management System And Interfaces

Integration of PMS and all other related systems are key to efficiencies and data collection for CRM marketing. A right hospitality consultant can make certain it is the right system that will make operation easier, not harder

Guest Technology

Guest facing technology such as WIFI and in-room tech play key roles in guest perception and satisfaction. Well-chosen, well-design and well-execution solution will help enhance overall guest positive impression and satisfaction, great positive reviews and ultimately repeat bookings.

Asset Management

With professional hotel consultants capable of gathering the right information and analyzing it, presenting recommendations so that you can make the right, informed decisions. Our Ideaweaver consultants make suggestions for business improvements, considering current practices and investment potential to ensure optimal performance of the asset.

MYRA - One of the best Self Online Check-In & Check-Out with 24-7 kiosk in the world.

With MYRA, guests will benefit from having access to self-serve for check-in and check-out 24-7 through a user-friendly interface, available in several languages. Guest will receive real-time notification via email after check-in, and we can also insert promotional messages to create incremental revenue.
MYRA’s stylish design will compliment your hotel lobby decor. The outer casing is made of a highly resistant material for durability, and we use high-quality components inside. Reliability is our utmost importance for smooth and secure service, in order to ensure a high level of satisfaction for your guest.



  • Body Material : Carbon steel structure with electrostatic powder point and aluminium front plate
  • Screen: 15″ LCD Display with PCAP Multi-Touch technology [Resolution 1920 x 1060]
  • Operating System: Linux, Debian
  • Network Connections: 1 x Gigabit external connector + Wifi (2.4 / 5.4) connectivity
  • Key Card Dispenser: RF Card Writer/ Dispenser and Collector
  • more….

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