SCORE cert


Score cert

You may have heard about the Contractor Capability & Capability Assessment Program Certificate (SCORE). You asked yourselves what kind of certificate is it?

Why do others call it a certificate that is closely related to the SPKK Certificate itself? How can the two certificates relate with each other?

However, you then were informed that this SCORE certificate is a document that will display how many stars your company or contractor has after the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) has completed the audit process on your company or contractor. Isn’t that confusing? You won’t have much knowledge to understand what it really means right?

This certificate actually measures the ability and capability of local and foreign contractors in Malaysia to enhance the image of the construction industry.

For your information, the SCORE certificate has seven scopes of assessment ranging from business performance, financial capability, technical capability, project management, procurement management, best practices and management capability. Each scope has a full score of 30 points leading to a total of 210 points.

If you are reading this article, I am sure you were deciding on getting our consultation to get your own SCORE Certificate. You are in the right place.


Do you know, what are the things that CIDB will audit on your company and contractors? Please note that there will be many documents for them to check later.

What will the documents be?

Do they need all copies of basic documents for the establishment of business? Such as a copy of the Companies Commission of Malaysia, a copy of the identity card of all owners, copy of owners’ education certificate, or anything else?

Or, will they ask you to hand in documents for company’s information such as a sketch map, signage, audit, balance attachment, company profile and many more? That will be a huge task, you know?

Then, another question is,,, would they need all supporting documents in the company’s application such as PO/LO/LA? You may have never heard of them before.

Well, we want to assure you we have the answer for this. You can directly meet with us to discuss this matter! We are more than happy to assist you.

And do you know? CIDB reserves the right to conduct an inspection session on the contractor’s location/construction site or even direct the contractor company to the CIDB Office to attend the Contractor Compliance Review (CCA) session. So, better be quick!


When is the time you will need this certificate? You asked yourselves and your friends about this. But, nobody has the answer. Would this SCORE certificate must be applied before you decide to start applying and obtain the SPKK certificate? You might think so as this is for the purpose of applying for any tender related to any government body. Just ask us directly!

And, are all contractors registered under the Malaysian Construction Industry Development Board Act (Act 520) eligible and will not face any legal obstacles to apply for a SCORE certificate, the similar for SPKK certificate.

Then, for any new application for a SCORE certificate, can it only be made a duration of THREE (3) months after the Decision Letter is issued?

Do not hesitate to ask this when we are sitting together for our consultation session!


Will CIDB be the sole body that will issue such a certificate? Can any third party issue a SCORE certificate?

Who should do the task and complete the qualifications? How much is the amount of process fee to apply for a SCORE certificate?

All of these questions matter. If you are still undecided, we have the answers to all of your concerns. Just make an inquiry us and settle them quickly!

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