Previously known as the Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia, SIRIM is a corporate organisation responsible for standards and quality as well as promoting technological excellence in the Malaysian industry, as entrusted by the Malaysian government.

Under the¬Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Act of 1998, all forms of communication and multimedia devices to be sold or utilised in Malaysia will require certification issued by SIRIM QAS International Sdn. Bhd. There are two types of SIRIM certifications ‚Äď¬Type Approval or Certificate of Conformity¬and¬Special Approval.

Type Approval/Certificate of Conformity:¬This certificate serves as a permit for any specific model of communications devices that has been certified as complying with the specified standards, technical specifications, technical checklist and/or technical declaration. This is a mandatory requirement for communications goods before they are permitted for sales in Malaysia.

Special Approval:¬†¬This approval is granted to equipment that specifically serves the purpose of an individual or a company‚Äôs operation and is only exclusive to them. Equipment that is granted with Special Approval certification is only for personal or company‚Äôs own use, for trials, market surveys or demonstration of equipment that uses network connection, exhibition purposes without network connection, research & development, and training. Under certain circumstances, equipment with a Special Approval certification may be required to be re-exported out of the country upon the expiry of its validity period, depending on the purpose of equipment importation.¬† ¬

Ally Management Services ensures that you can import your communications equipment within a set timeframe by providing full assistance in your certification and permit application process.


According to the Fire Services Act 1988, certain buildings with a high risk of catching fire must get a Fire Certificate (FC) issued by the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia (BOMBA) to ensure that the buildings are safe to be occupied. Normally, the building owner, occupant, and the building management committee are responsible for the Fire Certificate application.

The owner of a building has responsibility to check if he needs to obtain a Fire Certificate. If a Fire Certificate is needed, the owner must assure that the building is safe to be occupied and avoid being fined by the BOMBA.

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